How do I order a painting:

1. Just email your requirements along with any photographs that you have. Make sure that the photographs are clear and as high resolution as possible. See below for details.
2. John will then contact you to discuss your portrait with you.
3. A picture of your painting will be emailed to you and if you are happy with it John will send the finished painting to you. 

How long will it take? That depends on the time of year that your order is placed and the size of portrait required but normally about 4 weeks or quicker. John will confirm the time scale at the time of your enquiry.

Deposit: Note that a third of the cost of the painting is payable as a non refunadable deposit is required before any work starts. You can pay this securely by direct bank transfer please email me for my bank details.

Outstanding Payment: Any outstanding payment due can be paid using bank transfer.
Photography Tips:

The quality of the photograph is vital. The clearer and sharper the photograph, the better the final product.

Here are some tips to providing the best possible photograph for your portrait.

It is always best to take photographs outside on a bright or slightly cloudy day. If  this cannot be done then near a window or a source of natural light is a        good alternative Try to avoid using the flash.

Focus particularly on the eyes and as much as possible fill the frame with your subject image.

Photograph your subject at their level rather than looking down or up at them to avoid image distortion.

If your subject is a pet try to distract your pet with a treat or a toy to get them to look in the right direction.

Example of a good picture                                Example of a poor picture    
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